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this will convert double to int. To round the float value to 2 decimal places, you have to use the Python round (). Decimal, Creates a new decimal value exactly representing the provided integer. type. There are several ways to convert between a string and a Float, How to convert a string to a float, There are several ways to convert between a string and a Float , but the easiest way is to use NSString as an intermediate because that comes  Converting a String to a Double or Float can be easily achieved by using the if let statement in Swift. up ) ) Output: Take This One. let f = 10.51 let y = Int(round(f)) result is 11. A little howto using a NSNumberFormatter to truncate and round double or float values. Solution 10: Convert String to Float in Swift, Swift 2.0+. If you don’t want to depend on external frameworks, we can just do it manually, extending for example the Doubletype: And then simply call the method specifying the desired precision: If you just need this conversion to print the number or use it inside a String, and that’s the case most of the times, a straightforward alternative is to just use the additional String initializer provided by Foundation that allows to specify a format: This short post is one of the Swift Bites, click the link for more! Swift Creates an integer from the given floating-point value, rounding toward zero. Take a look at the following example: var string = "12.2416" if let floatValue = Float (string) { print ("Float value = \ (floatValue) ") } else { print ("String does not contain Float") }. Swift Double round() Language: Swift API (Floating Point Rounding Rule) -> Double. Secondly, we shall discuss about Math.round() function. Convert to int x = 4. If you wanted to round down and convert to integer: let f = 10.51 let y = Int(floor(f)) result is 10. As described in this post, since Swift 3.0 is now possible to round floating point numbers through new methods added to the Double and Float types. The largest representable floating-point values are exact integers in all standard floating-point formats, so round never overflows on its own; however the result may overflow any integer type (including intmax_t), when stored in an integer variable. Rounds this Float value to the nearest integer and converts the result to Int.Ties are rounded towards positive infinity. Math.round() function returns the nearest integer to the given float value. Overview Floating-point numbers are numbers with a fractional component, such as 3.14159, 0.1, and -273.15. Xcode 6.0.1+. } let roll = Float(unwrappedAttitude.roll) let pitch  I want to convert a Float to an Int in Swift. rounded ( . Swift version: 5.2. Basic casting like this does not work because these types are not primitives, unlike floats and ints in Objective-C var float: Float = 2.2 var integer, How to Convert a String to Double and Float types using Swift 4 , Convert Swift String to Double​​ Use Double , Float , CGFloat to convert floating-point values (real numbers). Convert Float to Integer – Narrow Casting. Swift Standard Library. If you want to explicitly round to the nearest integer. If you’d like to interpolate a float or a double with a String in Swift, use the %f String format specifier with appropriate number in order to specify floating point precision. How to convert a string to a float. How to convert String to Double or Float in Swift, If the String contains a valid floating point value, then Swift will assign it to the floatValue constant which will be available within the if let scope. Why Did Trump Install His Loyalists at the Pentagon Before the Capitol Attack? All the previous bites are available at intValue // This is -84 ! \$\endgroup\$ – Sven Oct 7 '16 at 21:56 Floating-point types are used to represent fractional numbers, like 5.5, 100.0, or 3.14159274. let myFloat : Float = 3.4 let myInteger = Int ( myFloat . Swift provides an additional integer type  Swift provides an additional integer type, Int, which has the same size as the current platform’s native word size: On a 32-bit platform, Int is the same size as Int32. Types, For example, (Int) is equivalent to Int . In this tutorial, we will learn about Swift Integer Arrays. The "%f" format string means "a floating point number," but "%.2f" means "a floating-point number with two digits after the decimal point. Availability. When the decimal 2.675 is converted to a binary floating-point number, it's again replaced with a binary approximation, whose exact value is: How to convert a double value to int doing the following: Double If x = 4.97542. You Are Being Lied to About Inflation. For example, to convert the integer