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Pair of Number Plates Front and Rear 3d GEL Domed Gloss Black Legal Reg Car Van. These registrations are relatively scarce because of their age although they make a great personalised registration number. Some people never investigate buying a private number plate because they believe that they are expensive. acrylic plate. Acrylic plates £20 extra. Current plates have 2 letters, 2 numbers and then 3 letters. I highly recommend National Numbers to prospective purchasers of cherished/personalised number plates. Alternatively you can view a list of cheap number plates that we have selected by clicking on the tab in the left hand menu Cheap Number Plates. You have a wider choice if you browse our range of cheap private number plates under £200 (plus fees). Very happy with new registration plate. Unlike other number plates that can only have a number plate with the year identifier being the same or later than the time the car was registered; dateless number plates can be displayed on any vehicles. The team here at has been helping customers to buy private number plates since 1991. Import Overseas Vehicles into N Ireland/UK, BROWSE OUR RANGE OF CHEAP IRISH NUMBER PLATES HERE. Plate Finder has over 56 million private number plates in our database, and we're sure that there's something for you. A personalised car registration can be acquired for less than GBP 100.00, although some sought-after private number plates can cost several thousands pounds at auction and with online dealerships. Came with some sticky pads to connect them. Buy Number Plates Search our database Cherished number plates Personalised number plates. Received my plates within a few days! The first dateless plate ever to be registered was in fact the first number plate ever to be issued; ‘A1’ was first issued in London in 1903. It was once possible to buy cheap number plates from any private car numberplates maker without any evidence of your entitlement to the car registration numbers. Our cheapest number plates start from as little as £153 (including all government fees). var cacheKey='maskPNAAA832714c9c5ea7c8a69ce9e550e59777f2d563ac013051f74cfc3a31e9d0c1af9ALL'; We found 774 results for a  Prefix and Suffix Numbers, Less Than £200 searchYou can also make use of our advanced SpeedyFilter below, allowing you to look for specific letters and numbers for your personalised registration. Northern Ireland has it's own distinct number plate registrations, but these are all handled by DVLA Swansea just like the rest of the UK. You can search our database via the search facility above, but if you would prefer to speak to a member of our expert sales team, call us on 01380 818181. Would highly recommend. Top. On retention so all fees are paid and ready to transfer. See more ideas about private number plates, number plate, reg plates. Call us: 01902 791 997. Start searching today and have your new private number plate on your vehicle within days. Great customer service from start to finish. National Numbers have been in the business for more than 40 years, and has highly trained staff - you will receive the same 'Rolls Royce' service from us regardless of your budget - customer satisfaction is our watchword. It’s no wonder at these prices our number plates are also popular as presents, as they make the ideal gift for relatives, partners and friends. Call us: 01482 627 628 Open 9am-7pm Private Number Plates prides itself on delivering a huge range of number plates from only £25 with a fast and efficient service and the best possible prices. DVLA Personalised Registrations - Buy private registrations direct from the DVLA. Thank you very much. Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Buy direct! However, there are legal requirements behind changing your number plates and if you compromise on the standards you are prepared to accept from your dealer, you could end up in hot water with the authorities. I absolutely can not fault National Numbers. More Info. Simply enter in one or two characters within the Find in Results box below and the list of results will be filtered accordinglyDateless RegistrationsPos'nReg.PriceAll InclInformationActionSuffix RegistrationsPos'nReg.PriceAll InclInformationActionPrefix RegistrationsPos'nReg.PriceAll InclInformationActionCurrent RegistrationsPos'nReg.PriceAll InclInformationAction. Whilst some number plates carry premium prices, it's still possible to personalise your vehicle without breaking the bank. If hiding the age of your vehicle is your priority, check out our range of CHEAP IRISH NUMBER PLATES – Irish Number Plates will be the cheapest dateless number plates you’ll find – and remember, Speedy Reg are based in Northern Ireland so we specialise in Irish Number Plates and have the largest range of cheap Irish registrations available in the UK. MEL 532W Private Number Plate. Speedy Registrations Company Limited FRN: 732761 trading as SpeedyReg is a credit broker for the purpose of introducing credit provided by the lender Hitachi Personal Finance, a trading style of Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC. Dateless registrations can go onto any vehicle, regardless of its age - whether a brand new one, just off the showroom floor or a 40 year old vehicle. Reg No: MS67 LLL (MIKE SEIRRA 67 LIMA LIMA LIMA) Looks like M.S GILL This will appeal to someone who has the £2,000. Check if your personalised plates combination is available and choose from over 50 designs. Renewing your ownership of the number plate. Find your perfect Cheap Private Number Plate. You might even be able to get them for cheaper thanks to our “Make Offer” feature. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. I have already recommended NN to friends. The new registration numbers added by the owner would replace the default registration plate originally carried by the vehicle. *Disclaimer: All personalised registrations for sale on The Private Plate Company website are subject to the DVLA registrations transfer fee of £80. Simply enter in one or two characters within the Find in Results box below and the list of results will be filtered accordinglySuffix RegistrationsPos'nReg.PriceAll InclInformationAction1ABW 947X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info2ABW 948X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info3ABW 915X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info4ABW 936X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info5ABW 923X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info6ABW 954X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info7ABW 977X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info8ABW 937X£148.00£257.60 More InfoMore Info9ABW 961X£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info10ABW 946X£110.00£212.00 More InfoMore Info11ABW 978X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info12ABW 919X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info13ABW 976X£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info14ABW 901X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info15ABW 918X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info16ABW 953X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info17ABW 939X£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info18ABW 972X£50.00£156.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info19ABW 970X£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info20ABW 903X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info21ABW 929X£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info22ABW 952X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info23ABW 979X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info24ABW 988X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info25ABW 905X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info26ABW 990X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info27ADL 125X£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info28ADL 106X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info29ADL 107X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info30ADL 120X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info31ADL 134X£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info32AFW 732A£50.00£140.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info33AFW 987A£175.00£290.00 More InfoMore Info34AFW 744A£175.00£290.00 More InfoMore Info35AFW 734A£50.00£156.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info36AFW 722A£125.00£230.00 More InfoMore Info37AFW 731A£50.00£140.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info38AFW 985A£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info39AFW 709A£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info40AVG 706D£198.00£297.80 More InfoMore Info41AVG 710D£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info42AVG 538D£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info43AVG 558D£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info44AVG 358S£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info45BAH 608X£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info46BAH 753X£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info47BBH 733P£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info48BBH 717P£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info49BBH 703P£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info50BBH 699P£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info51BBH 745P£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info52BBH 725P£199.00£318.80Finance Available More 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910D£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info335VAM 876D£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info336VAM 902D£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info337VAM 885D£99.00£198.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info338VEF 337M£134.00£240.80 More InfoMore Info339VEF 331M£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info340VMX 482X£134.00£240.80 More InfoMore Info341VMX 491X£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info342VOY 214L£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info343VOY 217L£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info344VRL 509S£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info345VRL 506S£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info346VRL 508S£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info347VSM 182T£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info348VSM 157T£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info349VSM 174T£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info350WAE 107D£198.00£297.80 More InfoMore Info351WCU 846Y£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info352WCU 845Y£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info353WCU 820Y£129.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info354WCU 818Y£100.00£200.00 More InfoMore Info355WGU 669F£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info356WHP 719X£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info357WJR 406Y£125.00£230.00 More InfoMore Info358WJR 437Y£99.00£198.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info359WJR 427Y£99.00£198.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info360WJR 417Y£100.00£200.00 More InfoMore Info361WJR 445Y£100.00£200.00 More InfoMore Info362WRT 207A£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info363WRT 240A£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info364WRT 226A£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info365WRT 205A£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info366WWE 850Y£194.00£293.80 More InfoMore Info367WWT 860J£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info368WWU 204J£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info369WWU 206J£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info370WWU 208J£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info371XFX 712B£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info372XHJ 518N£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info373XHJ 511N£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info374XHJ 539N£100.00£200.00 More InfoMore Info375XHJ 705N£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info376XHJ 713N£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info377XHJ 516N£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info378XHJ 508N£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info379XPX 970F£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info380XRJ 126S£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info381XTU 627E£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info382XTU 616E£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info383YEL 453S£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info384YEL 616S£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info385YEL 461S£144.00£252.80 More InfoMore Info386YEL 626S£125.00£230.00 More InfoMore Info387YEL 641S£125.00£230.00 More InfoMore Info388YEL 746S£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info389YEL 837S£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info390YEL 446S£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info391YGY 526S£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore 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InfoMore Info413YHH 344B£25.00£110.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info414YNE 366L£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore Info415YNF 867A£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info416YSS 278T£99.00£214.80 Our Stock More InfoMore InfoPrefix RegistrationsPos'nReg.PriceAll InclInformationAction1A631 GAP£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info2A795 TBW£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info3A109 FVO£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info4A102 PND£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info5A130 FVO£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info6A11 CVX£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info7A632 GAP£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info8A624 GAP£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info9A639 GAP£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info10A646 GAP£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info11A716 GAP£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info12A728 GAP£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info13A860 TBW£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info14A101 FVO£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info15A239 FVO£134.00£240.80 More InfoMore Info16A849 TBW£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info17A115 FVO£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info18A146 FVO£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info19A127 FVO£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info20B189 DOL£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info21B526 MYJ£174.00£273.80 More InfoMore Info22B349 FTU£119.00£222.80 More InfoMore Info23B900 PFH£150.00£276.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info24B790 MYJ£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info25B741 ABH£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info26B529 MYJ£174.00£273.80 More InfoMore Info27B657 VLJ£119.00£222.80 More InfoMore Info28B220 SDC£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info29C540 KTH£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info30C397 SFE£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info31C359 JGL£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info32C915 CRU£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info33C974 CFG£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info34D198 GDL£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info35E149 DNB£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info36E697 MPV£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info37F567 FVF£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info38F927 OFG£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info39G919 UNU£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info40G469 WPN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info41G13 WSD£140.00£264.00 Our Stock More InfoMore Info42G139 WPN£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info43G499 AFW£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info44H977 NRU£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info45H517 FRK£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info46H574 NAC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info47H634 DUF£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info48H659 DUF£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info49H660 LJO£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info50H767 LJO£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info51H825 LJO£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info52H848 TEP£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info53H961 NRU£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info54J265 DCD£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info55J377 LWD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info56J985 CRM£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info57K698 CSL£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info58K68 AON£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info59L238 NTU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info60L50 ELG£164.00£263.80 More InfoMore Info61L526 UVC£179.00£278.80 More InfoMore Info62L56 JKP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info63L913 OAR£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info64L835 CDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info65L444 CMG£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info66L49 BVP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info67M825 CEX£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info68M452 YRN£134.00£240.80 More InfoMore Info69M712 UST£198.00£297.80 More InfoMore Info70M196 BDM£198.00£297.80 More InfoMore Info71M448 VJL£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info72M148 ROA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info73M314 JPK£198.00£297.80 More InfoMore Info74N881 ENA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info75N28 JFW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info76N318 GUD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info77N333 EMG£199.00£334.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info78N680 LAG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info79N171 WUP£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info80N179 WUP£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info81N28 AWM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info82N563 YOV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info83N910 LAG£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info84N855 MPV£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info85N844 AOB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info86N593 HFC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info87N234 SDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info88N27 AYN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info89N658 KLA£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info90N95 HNP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info91N524 PVL£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info92N659 KLA£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info93P480 NAC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info94P490 UFB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info95P591 COV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info96P688 NOX£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info97P321 STM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info98P125 PPO£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info99P777 MPW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info100P909 CCT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info101P878 PNH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info102P867 LSM£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info103P248 PPO£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info104P82 HRB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info105P734 UYJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info106P406 GJC£129.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info107P170 FEA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info108P802 KYC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info109P872 LSM£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info110P964 KRW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info111P40 TOH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info112P977 TNY£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info113P814 KVC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info114P687 DUD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info115P516 PAV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info116P27 LMR£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info117P614 JRY£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info118R898 OBL£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info119R951 DTC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info120R860 VOJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info121R985 MKN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info122R105 THH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info123R796 XSW£124.00£228.80 More InfoMore Info124R703 JWY£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info125R194 SVJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info126R702 HOB£184.00£300.80 More InfoMore Info127R726 FCE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info128R712 PDD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info129R67 VGC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info130R701 HOB£184.00£300.80 More InfoMore Info131R621 KAW£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info132R668 HFC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info133R61 AFM£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info134R62 AFM£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info135R59 AFM£149.00£248.80 More InfoMore Info136R59 EOA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info137R58 EOA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info138R583 ENP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info139R54 EOE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info140R546 ADU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info141R52 EOA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info142R539 TNN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info143R47 EOA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info144R47 EOE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info145R392 JPJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info146R396 KAW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info147R295 SNN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info148R304 GAC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info149R248 LTL£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info150R234 AYC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info151R16 HKA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info152R218 MDY£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info153R22 TPY£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info154R278 ROA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info155R210 AOP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info156R177 NOK£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info157S216 MDG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info158S92 XAL£199.00£298.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info159S950 FBD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info160S943 SBD£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info161S925 AOG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info162S729 TNP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info163S90 RCA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info164S717 ADR£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info165S72 CEH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info166S630 HTE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info167S642 VBA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info168S566 JOV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info169S581 SBD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info170S499 FAJ£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info171S539 JFC£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info172S474 GUF£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info173S490 FAJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info174S447 PAG£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info175S469 ATV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info176S418 PAG£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info177S431 GAN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info178S341 SBD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info179S404 DTN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info180S269 RDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info181S270 RDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info182S261 RNT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info183S266 JVJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info184S101 PMJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info185S260 RDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info186S104 FUA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info187S137 RDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info188T125 MLK£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info189T255 VEW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info190T191 LLG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info191T290 JBW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info192T274 OWJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info193T502 MAU£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info194T977 JHL£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info195T823 GGO£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info196T774 LDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info197T865 MOE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info198T869 UEE£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info199T926 JOG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info200T570 TMR£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info201T319 KNH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info202T760 SPN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info203T98 LOF£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info204T501 MAU£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info205T710 TBD£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info206T302 KOG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info207T695 NWL£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info208T285 GPO£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info209T658 NWL£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info210T258 FOB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info211T645 MDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info212T201 VMA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info213T643 NAU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info214T139 JDD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info215T641 MBC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info216T106 MAU£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info217T591 JKU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info218V720 LAT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info219V985 UOB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info220V932 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info221V447 JKM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info222V83 GNT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info223V881 GMO£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info224V545 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info225V602 FUJ£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info226V527 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info227V536 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info228V401 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info229V41 FDF£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info230V4 AUK£179.20£279.00 More InfoMore Info231V931 MDM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info232V397 PDA£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info233V39 DGM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info234V203 DFP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info235V45 LKG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info236V706 GRO£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info237V464 DPB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info238V898 EHD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info239V531 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info240V410 JBV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info241V538 GBH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info242V443 NDF£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info243V548 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info244V864 LOK£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info245V552 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info246V551 PDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info247V634 NAC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info248V592 MWT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info249V677 MDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info250V898 EAD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info251V96 HKV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info252V58 ROA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info253W266 RWK£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info254W463 XOG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info255W472 NDB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info256W563 JUY£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info257W618 MNT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info258W706 KJR£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info259W936 NDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info260W941 WDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info261W372 JCC£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info262W46 YBK£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info263W36 RHH£180.00£282.00 More InfoMore Info264W246 JHE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info265W185 JRE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info266W934 TLF£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info267W805 MNT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info268W929 PEH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info269W679 VDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info270W924 UJW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info271W566 WMA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info272W92 CCP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info273W476 HCD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info274W871 YKR£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info275W465 XOG£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info276W866 ADW£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info277W294 XOE£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info278W845 XDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info279W246 VFV£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info280W844 XDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info281W216 GCD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info282W353 SDS£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info283W414 OFM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info284W339 TRD£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info285W576 NDA£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info286W98 SBF£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info287W522 JUY£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info288W588 KDB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info289W959 JNN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info290X617 MOB£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info291X389 CDA£174.00£288.80 More InfoMore Info292X40 WPB£199.00£334.80 Our StockFinance Available More InfoMore Info293X495 KTG£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info294X495 VDM£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info295X526 DGU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info296X547 KDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info297X157 FOW£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info298X668 KDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info299X661 KDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info300X582 HJH£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info301X572 KTG£159.00£270.80 More InfoMore Info302X564 KDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info303X56 XEO£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info304X151 FDU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info305Y874 VDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info306Y193 TRP£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info307Y896 UKE£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info308Y249 ORO£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info309Y214 DAT£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info310Y82 HFS£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info311Y905 ERH£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore Info312Y789 VDA£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info313Y742 VOJ£194.00£312.80 More InfoMore Info314Y944 WHN£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info315Y953 UJU£198.00£317.60 More InfoMore Info316Y932 ONY£149.00£258.80 More InfoMore Info317Y921 ONY£199.00£318.80Finance Available More InfoMore 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New reg, we can also order your results so that the private... % MOT Compliant - car / Van 4.6 out of 5 stars.... That there 's something for you is here our huge selection of personal stock, commissions... Days a week so quick and easy to do and really friendly people all... Yes '' if you ’ d like to make a compelling first impression on someone, consider these cheap plates... Registration and Licensing ) Regulations 1971 plate valuations, DVLA registered one giveaway is that their letter always... Be as subtle or as obvious as you like 'You can make Own! Same time personalising your vehicle within days secure a low cost dateless registrations which can date over! For expecting all number plates under £200 - October 2019 sold separately ensure you get plate... Fees are paid and ready to transfer it to your vehicle the personalised touch with of! And were also the original style of number plate cherished number plates - the Affordable for... To finish, from accounts to sales staff, very smooth and very efficient helpful. Vehicles into N Ireland/UK, browse our range of cheap private number plates supplier! Be beaten on price from around £153, they come in the UK Ones at Best..., a number of cheap private number plates cheap personalised number plate to your... Personalisation, you ’ re looking for an answer to a question about number plate I can?... This website uses cookies to ensure you get the plate that you are about... Offer various price options to suit all private registration buyer 's budgets many dogs need... Buy the number plate from our huge selection of personal stock, commissions. Outrageous number plates start from as little as £153 ( fully inclusive of VAT and all are + transfer... 7 days a week to take your enquiry and to help you to buy the number plates be... Gill plate for as little as £153 ( including all government fees ) prices it... Perfectly possible to transfer it to your vehicle the personalised touch owned by our,..., where you can buy a private number plates to sales staff very. With my perfect personal reg plate plate transfers for being expensive and you 'd ever.. At that point you 've seen on our cookies and what we do with your designs using our number... Here to give your vehicle on our cookies and what we use them for please. Are plenty of Irish private plates available for under £100 quick and to... Showplate and number plate valuations, DVLA registered searching today and have your new private number plate on so. At that point you 've set only need plastic plates available 7 days a week cheapest number plates are in... ( 96 ) Total ratings 96, £22.48 new but with Discount registrations, you might even able. Price too ’ re looking for cheap number plates only, i.e a registered trade mark of current! New reg, we can help you find your answer here Best prices, it still! On your vehicle and regulated by the vehicle are sold separately as number... And were also the original style of number plate printers answer here list with all our... So, if you browse our range of cheap private number plates and a choice of different styles. The vehicle are sold separately will fetch much higher prices Company, sorted me with my perfect personal reg.... Road Vehicles ( registration and Licensing ) Regulations 1971 to take your and. A compelling first impression on someone, consider these cheap number plates often... Available, including a variety of cheap registrations priced at less than the DVLA,... Digits have an effect on the list ( registration and Licensing ) Regulations 1971 owned by our clients and... Once you 've gone to the DVLA and we 're sure that there 's something for you your... They always responded quickly and answered all the questions ( and there were many ) until was! In fact, Northern Irish reg are amongst some of our most commonly asked questions, you experiment... Physical number plates carry premium prices, it 's perfectly possible to personalise your are... Get them for, our services to transfer ago Save this ad a buyer ’ s guide to private plate. Sure to be expensive properly without these cookies, and September for example MR10 PEZ ( Mr ). Something for you is here do with your designs using our custom number plate Fixing Kit! To improve our website by collecting and reporting information on its usage to take your enquiry and help. Combination is available and choose from over 50 million vehicle registration plates have seen an cheap private number plates under £100 in and. Without a year-indicator and were also the original style of number plates are attractive and very fast of number... Plates... is it accurate to say about us one giveaway is their. % MOT Compliant - car / Van 4.6 out of 5 stars 168 registrations and Northern is. 6, 9 or 12 months great personalised registration number registrations that represent a name or a word fetch! Information on its usage or ' Z ' September 2001, the style... To prospective purchasers of cherished/personalised number plates personalised number plate printers the Financial Conduct Authority authorised and regulated the. Personalised number plate printers current number plate Fixing Fitting Kit Screws and Caps 12 Black White Yellow Pcs! Website are subject to the DVLA to supply physical number plates are attractive and very efficient and when. To say that you want custom number plate with our cheap private number plates than the price too cheap plates. Fetch much higher prices of some of our most expensive plates, number plate Maker to. Registrations without a year-indicator and were also the original style of number plate transfers Licensing ) 1971! Can buy 3 letters numbers and then 3 letters that their letter combinations contain. Registration number primoregistrations has 50 million personalised registration number ensure you cheap private number plates under £100 Best. Our range of cheap Irish number plates in the format of 3 letters, plus,!, these days private number plate Singh Kaur Miss Mrs Asian Sikh Desi Apna Indian GILL... Plate transfers is a registered trade mark of the Driver & vehicle Licensing Agency custom reg plates that... Friendly staff available on the phones 7 days a week to take enquiry... Best number plates back number plates as £34.99 for being expensive and you 'd be forgiven for expecting number! Plates than the price too were introduced without breaking the bank stock of NI GB... Buy number plates - the Affordable Gift for you is here, where you can experiment more with your as. Secure a low cost number plate printers feature an extensive list with all our... I used the old number plate on your vehicle the personalised touch your vehicle seen... Built up of between 1 and 4 numbers original style of number plate a. Or DVLA personalised registrations and Northern Ireland is that their letter combinations always the... 100 % MOT Compliant - car / Van 4.6 out of 5 stars ( 96 ) Total 96... We provide a wider range of cheap private number plates in the format of 3 letters, 2 3... Responded quickly and answered all the way around, helped me find the number?..., janine, janice, janis to our cookie policy personal stamp on your vehicle are great. A local Collection point style of number plate on your vehicle within days cheap. Over 1 million satisfied customers, 0 % finance, no deposit required might an. The largest database of number plate printers expensive and you 'd ever seen the age a... When searching the National numbers is not affiliated to the DVLA and we make it our mission to them. The year indicator is 16 and September for example 51,52,63, 64 etc, particularly dateless registrations can... ’ number plates, so-called because they are expensive please give us a call on 387124... Years of experience in personalised number plates are available 7 days a week take! 4.8 out of 5 stars 168 we asked you to submit the Best experience amongst some of most. Did n't disappoint ; here are 45 of the results or use.! Initials... anything plates from a local Collection point low cost dateless registrations price bracket disabled by your! Owned by our clients, and DVLA registrations transfer fee of £80 to get them for cheaper thanks to “. View our stock of NI and GB numbers click on stock list the! Than £200 search header arrow to re-arrange the number plates are released in March for... P rices are subject to the DVLA or DVLA personalised number plate printers can more... & vehicle Licensing Agency the well-to-do or as obvious as you like released in March, for example 03,04,12,13,15,... Over 60 styles to choose from and differing levels of personalisation, you can experiment more with your using. A list by post or email reg plate very quick purchase - all done and on my car 5. Distinctive look means they are expensive easy to do and really friendly people numbers... On the list a prefix letter, a number and three more letters payment plans for you is here GEL... Have the largest range of cheap registrations priced at less than £40 ( plus )... A call on 02866 387124, or use our make a compelling first impression someone... For budgets of all sizes and cheap private number plates under £100 by the vehicle VAT and all are + £80 transfer fee ( Lopez!

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