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We'll help you get the best diamond for the money. From solitaire settings to halo and pavé settings, diamond rings come in different styles that never go out of style. "You wouldn't normally consider a fine diamond to be found in a general store like Costco, but I'm pleasantly surprised, as well.". Even if you look online, their options are limited. You don’t have service for sizing, any sort of warranty, and there is a very limited selection of setting/diamond options. Learn How to Calculate Diamond Prices So You Don't Get Ripped Off & Overpay. James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales. Warehouse Locations Renew Membership Join Costco Customer Service. ), 2.5ct.RD in *Delicate* French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow Gold (1/4 ct. It's important to note that if your jewelry item(s) weighs more than 1.00 carat, it'll have to be sent to our fulfillment center for verification prior to issuing your refund. tw.). Return to Site. Ringo™ Approved Eye Clean Diamonds Carat Weight 0.81Color JClarity SI2 Check Price Carat Weight 0.70Color JClarity VS2 Check Price Carat Weight 0.70Color JClarity VS2 Check Price Load More. If you prefer some personal help in finding the right ring, feel free to contact us. No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. If you are buying an engagement ring or stud earrings, you can get far better value and service using a legitimate online retailer. Simply browse Costco’s collection of stunning one-of- a-kind diamond rings in an array of styles and colors. or Best Offer +$49.99 shipping. Oval-cut diamonds are known for their incredible brilliance, and their shape makes it easy to find the perfect diamond band to pair alongside. Consumer correspondent Elisabeth Leamy used a Presidium Multi Tester that retails for about $250 to test diamonds on "Good Morning America.". Shop diamond bands and rings in stylish cuts like princess and baguette at to find the perfect piece of jewelry at a great value today! When the word Costco comes to mind you don’t exactly think about jewelry and diamonds, but you’re probably wondering whether they’re worth buying. They have no service in the store and their selection is very poor. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? © 2021 The Diamond Pro+412-2501-7829Kernserstrasse 17 / Sarnen, Switzerland CH-6060, We are a team of diamond experts who will teach you to identify scams and avoid spending money on features you can't see. Though the ring is nice, the value is just not there. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Rings products. There were 25 diamond rings to choose from, ranging in price from $500 to $23,000. Costco guarantees that the diamonds it sells are at least VS2 in clarity and grade I in color. However, Costco is nowhere near close to offering the best price for quality diamonds. 1:04 1362626-Round-Halo-Diamond-Ring. Tiffany has a unique policy that allows you to exchange a modest ring for something fancier years later. Their imaging technology is the same as inspecting a diamond with a jeweler's loupe. 1:05 1327456-Oval-Halo-Diamond-Ring. Costco has everything; you name it, they have it and diamond rings and jewelry aren’t the exceptions here. From promise rings and wedding sets, to cocktail rings, we have something for every occasion. $2799.99 Costco Diamond Ring 14kt W Gold 1.60 ctw GIA appraisal VS2 i receipt . When I started with this site, I would get emails from readers asking about Costco diamonds. But what about the diamonds themselves? Unlike Wal-Mart Stores, which sells diamond rings for only a few hundred dollars each, Costco’s rings regularly run as much as $40,000 . Tanzanite and Diamond Halo ring: watch this video featuring products available on Fuller consulted a standardized appraisers' guide and told us the same grade diamond would cost an average of $10,500 at a no-name store, plus additional for the setting. 1:53 Abbyson Living - Top Grain Leather Sectional. Period. For a major retail chain, their service is second to none. There's more variety on the Costco Web site, and you can always buy a diamond ring … For items that don’t require certification, such as diamond jewelry or wedding bands, they could be a worthwhile option. They also have a legendary return policy. "Anything that is brand name and has developed a reputation that Tiffany has developed, they've earned it over the years for quality control," Fuller said. It was a classic four pronged platinum solitaire. Overall, the ring I purchased was a nice choice, right in line with our recommendations (an eye-clean, well cut J color for a solitaire). Top … Costco used to have a great reputation for jewelry as well. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Find a great collection of Diamond Emerald Rings at Costco. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of your purchase. Get Email Offers. With so many merchants selling them, how can you be sure you're getting a good stone at a fair price? If you really care about properly certified diamonds, you'll want to avoid those. Browse our stunning collection of brilliantly cut diamond and gemstones rings for every occasion. For the higher-end buyer, Costco offers neither the presentation nor long-term servicing of a Tiffany engagement ring. Other materials like moissanite -- a man-made gem stone with many properties similar to diamonds -- will cool the tip more slowly. After visiting the store everybody thinks of for diamonds, we went to the store that next to nobody thinks of for diamonds -- Costco. $2,345.00. Also, the 1.13ct ring from Costco cost $24,800 but it is outperformed by Blue Nile’s ring because the offset for crown and pavilion angle are more conducive to light return. Costco tries to alleviate that stress, by offering only the most beautiful rings at the lowest possible price. The staff will even take you into a private room to examine different stones under a high-powered microscope. Now that they have relaxed their standards (yet still charge the same price), their value has dropped significantly. My family and I have been long time customers of Costco and I admire the company’s philosophies. Here is a stunning 3/4ct diamond and beautiful ring that cost almost 30% cheaper than the ring we found at Costco. Learn more about cut, color, and clarity in our useful guide on the 4cs. Still, he thought we got a fair price because the special extras that come with the Tiffany name have a value. about 50 settings covering a vast array of ring styles, Blue Nile has an eye-popping 66 different solitaire selections, 1ct.RD in *Delicate* Petite Pave Diamond Setting in 18K YG, 1.21ct.RD in *Delicate* French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k Yellow Gold (1/4 ct. Video Home 1297263_diamond_ring. ", 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Not all Costco diamond rings are certified by GIA. There were 25 diamond rings to choose from, ranging in price from $500 to $23,000. Any way you cut it, the price is not justified by the product. Before you buy a diamond, get personal buying advice from industry veterans. GIA has established the internationally accepted standard for diamond grading on which Costco's standards are based. Get the diamond appraised.Immediately after you purchase the diamond, take it to a qualified diamond appraiser. These diamonds look identical in a ring. 18KT White Gold Round Brilliant Cut 0.75CTW Diamond Solitaire Ring While it was very nice, my friend (who joined me for the secret shopping and tried on the rings) was not overwhelmed by the style. [MUSIC PLAYING] Related Videos. Another issue that crops up is their lack of selection. Find a great collection of Diamond Rings at Costco. He has been recognized as a diamond industry expert by. This item is from our exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery with only one unit available. If you prefer some personal help in finding the right ring, feel free to contact us. Not only was the diamond lacking a GIA certificate, it didn’t have any certificate at all. "We are not really a jewelry store, so we don't carry the best of the best, but we do try to carry top quality," said Juan, the sales clerk who was helping us. To contrast, James Allen has about 50 settings covering a vast array of ring styles and Blue Nile has an eye-popping 66 different solitaire selections. The 168-year-old retailer is famous for educating its customers about diamonds, carefully explaining about the "4 Cs," which are carat weight, cut, color and clarity. Two comparisons can be made here, one based on my grading (J VS2) and one based on their grading (I VS2). As you will read below, the prices aren’t too hot either. You can buy a diamond at the mall, at a fancy boutique and even online. No matter where you shop, here are three things to look for to make sure you get what you pay for. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. $2,499.00. "Good Morning America" shopped at both ends of the spectrum, buying one diamond ring at Tiffany & Co. for $16,600 and one at Costco for $6,600. ABC News consumer correspondent Elisabeth Leamy originally reported this story for "Good Morning America Weekend Edition. Buy … Additionally, you should never buy a diamond without a legitimate certificate (like GIA or AGS). At Tiffany, we had bought a round diamond, just over a carat with very slight flaws and a color grade of "F" -- meaning colorless. or Best Offer +$49.99 shipping. Diamond Ring: watch this video featuring products available on We get commissions for purchases made from our affiliates through links in this article. Defined by sophistication and elegance, diamond rings are not called classic for anything. Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewelry and more. To enquire about this item, please email "It's a little bit of a surprise," said Fuller of the high quality of the stone. Tell us as much information as possible to help us help you (ie, budget, preferences, etc), Mike learned the diamond business from the ground-up at Leo Schachter Diamonds - one of the world's top diamond manufacturers. With their drop in quality/value paired with their lack of service and selection, you should not be buying diamond engagement rings from Costco. Please don’t take our comparisons here as recommendations for what you should buy (though that is a great looking diamond). The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world's foremost authority on diamond and gemstones. They used to have diamonds with GIA certification. Find the perfect diamond for the love of your life, right here at Costco… I went with a 0.70ct I VS2 round in a solitaire setting. "You got exactly what they said you were getting," he said. This is where you start to see cracks in the Costco experience. While both diamonds are GIA-certified, only proportions of Blue Nile’s version are within the range specified by the AGS laboratory. Add a little sparkle to your ensemble with gorgeous diamond earrings from Costco. James Allen will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. Tiffany will also clean your diamond and make sure the setting is secure for the rest of your life. Costco Wholesale Corporation has built a fantastic business model of providing bulk items with razor thin margins. Blue Nile will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring. Find your nearest Costco here. Costco and our suppliers support the Kimberley Process, a multinational initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, and the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties, a voluntary system of industry self-regulation that assures buyers of diamond jewelry that the diamonds in the jewelry they have purchased are from legitimate sources and conflict free. There's more variety on the Costco Web site, and you can always buy a diamond ring at the store and have it re-set somewhere else. No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. The craftsmanship and quality was on par with any company that I would entrust. (Click Here to save $100 off orders of $1000 or more). Costco Diamonds & Jewelry Review: Good or Bad Deals? tw. We always recommend that our readers contact us for specific advice when buying a diamond from a local jeweler. Choose from rings that showcase precious stones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires , or rare colored diamonds in pastel pink or gorgeous canary yellow. The actual setting, while simple, was fantastic. In the past, when Costco sold their diamonds with GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificates, they had legitimately very good prices. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Rings products. We started at Tiffany. One free resizing within the first year of purchase, High quality images of about half of their diamonds, 100% credit towards future upgrades (must be at least double in value). We paid $16,600 for it, including the famous Tiffany setting. Please enter your email address to receive your personal code: Hey I'm Ringo! Our experienced buying team works with suppliers evaluating and hand-selecting each diamond for its quality and brilliance. Watch; COSTCO 14K WHITE GOLD 1/2 CTTW PRINCESS CUT & ROUND DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING 8.25. They have the largest exclusive loose diamond inventory online and fantastic prices. Believe it or not, Costco has one of the most liberal and generous return policy in the industry. Fuller said the average price for such a stone would be $8,000, a price that doesn't include the setting. At any given store, they will only have 10-20 options. Find your perfect ring set in gold and platinum with unbeatable prices only at … This a great chance to save on Valentine’s Day purchases. Every woman should experience the luxury of owning premium-quality diamond earrings, and Costco makes that dream possible with our affordable prices. Because diamonds are the best heat conductors in the world, they cool the tip of the device almost instantly. Top Pick for Best Costco Diamond Rings: Baguette & Round Brilliant 3.20 ct. Diamond Platinum Band by Costco Jewelry. Costco offers our members high quality jewelry at an exceptional value. At Costco, we bought a round diamond with almost the same specs as our Tiffany diamond. Martin Fuller, considered one of the finest master gemologists and appraisers on the East Coast, carefully analyzed our purchases. This is a virtually identical ring, retailing for $2,740, a whopping 25% cheaper with sales tax included. Unfortunately, the quality of their jewelry has seemed to have slipped over the last few years. You will be much better off buying your diamond from a top online dealer like James Allen or Blue Nile. Pre-Owned. Costco has fundamental drawbacks inherent to their business model. Free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating and cleaning every 6 months, One free resizing within 60 days of purchase, Best-in-class high quality imagery of all diamonds in stock. Not to worry, Costco offers exceptional pricing on wedding bands, so you can easily stay within budget. And you pay for that.". To their credit, this was a well cut diamond (I can’t give specifics as it was mounted already) and the clarity grade was fair. They also have the nicest collection of lab created diamonds online. The ring we bought was a perfect example. Even if you want to go with their grading (despite them no longer using GIA certification), you would still save 28% if you went with this 0.70ct I color VS2 Clarity Excellent cut from Blue Nile and paired it with this solitaire setting. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. Find out the refund policy.Make sure the store has a written cash refund policy. Costco sells diamond rings that range in price from $200 to upwards of $100,000. We had thousands of diamonds and elaborate settings to choose from, starting at $1,200. New (Other) $1,100.00. Those savings, while significant, are not as dramatic when comparing other brick and mortar retailers to online retailers. $599.99. ... 1297263_diamond_ring Length: 1:25 Added: Jan-8 Views: 6869. While you can do some research and due diligence on your own, there is no personal service at Costco. Given Costco’s lack of diamond service, however, I think that drop is very significant. Learn More. Rate Limit Exceeded Related Videos. You pick out the diamond the same way you pick out a shampoo bottle or one of their delicious cheesecakes. At $6,600, it cost $10,000 less than the similar diamond we bought at Tiffany. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Blue Nile Reviews: Are They Really Cheaper? I would recommend contacting us and we’ll find you the best option regardless what you are looking for. Afterwards, we were looking online and she was immediately drawn to a more delicate style like this 1.5mm comfort fit setting. Video featuring products available on All diamonds come from deep within the Earth, but there are lots of different places you can go to get one. 0:31 Tanzanite and Diamond Halo Pendant. If you are looking for help buying an engagement, contact us and we will make personal recommendations for you. Diamond Engagement Ring Store Reviews » Costco Diamonds & Jewelry Review: Good or Bad Deals? The J color at $4040 or the G color at $5406 Choose the diamond you like better and see if you are a Pro! Real Diamond Pros will know how to save almost 25% So Which is it? Browse our varied selection of bands, for both men and women, including classic gold … $2799.99 Costco Diamond Ring 14kt W Gold 1.60 ctw GIA appraisal VS2 i receipt . There is no reason for me to bother with a history of Costco — the company’s reputation precedes them. Kernserstrasse 17 / Sarnen, Switzerland CH-6060. The quality and craftsmanship is fantastic, but that leaves little room for individuality and personal tastes. The world's first AI diamond selection tool. DISCLAIMER: We don't use your email for marketing. It is just over a carat with very very slight flaws and a color grade of H, nearly colorless. That way, you know exactly what you're getting. You will be much better off buying your diamond from a top online dealer like James Allen or Blue Nile. Some diamonds are graded by Costco's gemologist and don't even come with a report. Jewellery items that include a single diamond of 1.25 carat or larger come with a GIA® diamond grading report and an IGI® appraisal. Buy a diamond that comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. If you were to contact us after looking at a diamond ring at Costco, you will invariably get better, more thorough advice from us and whichever online retailer we recommend. Where is the Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring in 2020? The device measures how quickly the gem stone tested cools the heated tips. Here we have a beautiful 0.70ct J VS1 to go along with this platinum solitaire setting from James Allen. With their drop in quality/value paired with their lack of service and selection, you should not be buying diamond engagement rings from Costco. Diamond solitaire rings also … Custom Order Princess Cut Diamond Halo Ring Available with centre carat weights: 0.70 ct & 1.00 ct; Available in metals: platinum, 14-kt white gold, 14-kt yellow gold, 14-kt rose gold Contrast their selection with the thousands of possibilities you can see at a jeweler. They only have about 7 different solitaire setting options for round diamonds. Oct. 9, 2005 — -- Diamonds are a $30 billion a year business. Get Email Offers. Both Tiffany and Costco do. Watch; S S p o 8 n Q R 0 s 9 5 o Z r e B 1 d. Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Ring 14Kt White Gold COSTCO 9mm .34Ct. In my opinion, there’s only a one benefit of buying a diamond ring at Costco – their return policy. Are you concerned about affordability? There are no knowledgeable staff members and no value added services. However, the diamond was a J color, not the I color they claimed it to be. At the Costco store "GMA" visited, the employee who manages the jewelry department is also in charge of things like big screen TVs and computers. You can even customize your shopping experience by selecting your price point, metal preference, or stone shape. Speaking personally, I love Costco. That should be the one area a brick and mortar retailer should excel in, not fall behind. Costco is a phenomenal retailer, but they are a terrible jewelry store. The verification can take up to 5 business days. As you will see below, this is no longer the case. The Trump letter his lawyers said should never see 'light of day', Trump plans to leave in dramatic fashion yet continues to stay out of sight, James Comey calls threat of riots on Inauguration Day ‘very concerning’, Giuliani says he won't represent Trump at president's impeachment trial, Woman, 70, filmed allegedly poisoning husband's coffee with roach killer. Jewellery & Fashion | Rings. Pre-Owned. The ring cost $3,503.99, including tax. At Costco, we offer a large selection of diamond and gemstone rings to suit every style and budget. Video featuring products available on We are just trying to find similar diamonds so we compare apples to apples. You can also test diamonds yourself using a device that operates on AAA batteries. Speaking from experience, from the perspective of a supplier, I used to be impressed with their quality control. Whether you’re purchasing a wedding band to complement your engagement ring, or a diamond eternity band as an anniversary gift, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Costco. "You can go there [and] you don't have to think twice about your purchase. Pre-Owned. Take James Allen’s inspiration gallery, where you can look at endless diamond and ring setting combinations, for example. Jewellery & Fashion | Rings | Engagement Rings. So, the Costco experience was less romantic.

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